" I thought Spin 'n' Dance only had DJ's. I never knew they could provide equipment
to help support & enhance the band we hired. -Mr. & Mrs. Bob Walker

Optional Band Extras:
(Need a DJ to play during band breaks? Call for a quote today.)

Sound System Rental Packages -

              Small 400 Watt System:

               Includes - 2 Speakers, 2 Speaker Stands, Mixer, Amp, 4 Vocal Microphones w/stands & cables

               OTC (over the counter) price $155
               Delivered/Set-Up.....POR (price on request)


               Medium 750 Watt Enhanced System:

               Includes - All above items, more power and 2 additional Microphones.

               OTC price $250


               Small Concert 4,500 Watt System:

               Includes - Sub-woofer w/2 tops per side, Amp rack, Mixer on stage for
               band to run, Complete monitor system, Mics and Stands as needed.

               Delivered, Set-up price $950
               Optional sound engineer.....POR


               Larger System Prices on Request - DeltaMax thru SLS Line Array
               Larger systems require Delivery, Set-up and Sound Engineer

Stage Lighting Rental Packages -

               Lighting Package 1:

               Foot controlled basic lighting. Making it easy for the band to control.
               Package includes - 8 Par 46 cans on 2 trees (4 cans/tree) w/cables

               OTC price $145

               Lighting Package 2:

               Foot controlled lighting.
               Package includes - 12 Par 56 cans, 8 cans on 2 trees (4 cans/tree)
               4 cans on bases, w/cables

               OTC price $225

               Moving Light Package:

               Package includes - Computerized lighting controller.
               4 moving heads w/2 heads either on crank stands or upright truss,
               and 2 heads rear on stage or on supports.
               2 trees with 8 Par 56 cans (4 cans/tree), w/cables

              Delivered, Set-up & programed price $500
              Does NOT include Lighting Engineer to run lighting
              Optional Lighting Engineer....POR

               Fiber Optic Curtain

              Fiber Optic Backdrop - 40' x 20', 2 circuit color changing - includes truss,
              stands, 2 intelligent lighting illuminators, and controller.

              Delivered and Set-up price.......$1,800
               This item is NOT available for OTC

Band Backline OTC Rental Equipment

              Fender Twin Reverb....$55

              Laney Tube Amp....$45

              GK 800 Bass Head....$30

              Hartke 410 Bass Bottom....$25

              Hartke 115 Bass Bottom....$25

              Yamaha Recording Classic Drum Kit
              Up to 7 piece drum kit w/hardware.....$125

              Cymbal Kit:
              Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste brands, includes Hi-hat, Ride, Crash, Splash.....$110


Prices listed above are Daily rental.
Contact us for extended rental prices.
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